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Korea Elevator Safety Agency (KoELSA) shows love for customers with its excellent inspection quality and innovation of inspection service.

  • We provide the best inspection service for the safety of the people.
    • Execution of installation inspection, regular inspection, occasional inspection and precise safety inspection
    • Operation of inspection system for Korea, Smart Work, to provide customized environment for inspection
    • Operation of smart inspection system applying IT
  • We prevent elevator accidents through diversified special safety check.
    • Special check on illegally operated elevators or elevators in public-use elevator facilities (occasional check)
    • Check together with the central/local governments on the safety management of elevators exposed to dangers
  • We provide technological data and relevant information for elevators.
    • Manual of inspection standards for elevators (introduction of EN standard) and guideline for adopting technical documents
    • Statistics on elevator installation and status and information on advanced technologies

Types of elevator inspection

Installation inspection
Inspection after the completion of installation of elevators in buildings and other structures
Regular inspection
Regular inspection conducted when customer desires continued use after the term of validity of inspection (one year) expires
Occasional inspection
Inspection after any major alteration of purpose/control method/rated speed/rated capacity or after repair following an accident
Precise safety inspection
Inspection after 15 years from installation inspection or regular inspection every three years after the precise safety inspection