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KoELSA has conducted comprehensive and systematic research studies to develop safety standards and system for the systematic R&D of elevator safety.

KoELSA also participates in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO/TC178) and European Committee for Standardization (CEN/TC10). We are also responsible for the elevator sector of the Korean Industrial Standards (KS).

  • We carry out research and development for elevator safety.
    • Comprehensive research to secure the safety of users
    • Research to develop state-of-the-art inspection equipment and to prevent safety accidents
  • We perform continuing activities for standardization in elevator sectors in Korea and abroad.
    • Establishment, revision, and abolition of the Korean Industrial Standards (KS)
    • Participation with ISO/TC178 and CEN/TC10/AH17
  • We make efforts to provide technological support for mutual growth with small and medium businesses.
    • Technological service for small and medium businesses, including support for elevator design
    • Elevator technology seminar to spread advanced technologies
  • Research on safety·technology standards

    Research on safety· technology standards
    KoELSA studies and analyzes accident types in elevators to improve the safety of users and to prevent accidents
  • Research on domestic/global standardization

    Research on domestic/global standardization
    KoELSA actively participates in international standard conferences to reflect domestic standards on international standards and leads the internationalization of the domestic standard to strengthen its competitiveness in the export market. Furthermore, it systematically manages and develops the Korean Industrial Standards (KS) — the basis of the elevator industry — to enhance the national competitiveness of the domestic elevator industry.
  • Development of equipment

    Development of equipment
    We provide various solutions for problems of noise and vibration from elevators and industrial sites. They can also be utilized for the safety inspection for elevators, enabling an engineer to measure and analyze the real-time data at the site and to take quick actions.