Accident Investigation on Elevator

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KoELSA prevents any recurrence of an accident through rapid and accurate investigation

  • KoELSA sends an inspector to an accident site within 24 hours.
    • Quick accident investigation and handling after any major accident or mechanical failure of an elevator
    • Operation of 24-hour situation center to receive accident reports
    • Operation of emergency dispatch team in every branch and substation
  • KoELSA finds clear causes of an accident with precise accident investigation.
    • Analysis of accident causes with cooperative inspection with external experts and state-of-the-art equipment
    • Prevention of recurrence through the establishment of preventive measures based on clear analysis of causes
  • KoELSA makes an effort to prevent recurrence of an accident with a scientific analysis of the accident causes.
    • Research to prevent recurrence of safety accidents
    • Distribution of promotion materials together with safety measures by accident type
    • Operation of accident information system of elevators to manage accidents systematically and provide safety service for the public